Florida HurricaneLiving in the sunshine state has many perks such as year-round warmer weather temperatures and numerous attractions; however, it is also considered one of the top disaster-prone states in the United States.  Owning a home in Florida means you must have the right type of insurance protection in place should you experience some of the most typical homeowners insurance claims in Florida.  Below are some of the most common homeowners claims of which you should be aware:

Wind- Florida is no stranger to high winds resulting from tornadoes and hurricanes, which means this is one of the most common homeowners claims Florida homeowners encounter. Keep in mind that with exposure to extreme weather conditions, it is vital to carry the right type and amount of homeowners insurance to weather the storm.

Water- Water damage is a very common homeowners claim, but keep in mind Flood is excluded under your Florida homeowners insurance policy.  Some typical covered water losses include a sudden burst of a pipe, leak or an overflow situation.

Knowing what a “covered” loss is when it comes to water damage is essential because your standard Florida homeowners policy comes equipped with policy conditions and exclusions.  It is recommended you thoroughly review your policy to determine what constitutes a covered loss.  Also, you can contact your local Florida independent insurance agent to assess your particular situation.

Fire- Fire can cause total destruction in a matter of minutes so having adequate insurance coverage for your home and contents is a must!  Fire can originate from faulty wiring, dryers, wall sockets, fireplaces, and heaters and is a very typical type of homeowners claim presented by Florida homeowners.  Your Florida independent insurance agent can assist in finding the right insurance protection that reflects an accurate value of your home and its contents.

Hail- Hail damage happens more often than you may like to think and when it does it can cause significant damages to your roof, home, windows, and yard.  Your local Florida independent insurance agent can discuss hail damage with you and review the needed coverage for your property so you will be informed and know how to handle this type of loss, should it happen to you.

Dog Bites- Many homeowners have dogs. After all, most people love dogs, but not when they get bitten by one.  The reality is that dog bites are one of the most common liability claims on homeowners insurance policies, regardless of your home state.  According to the III (Insurance Information Institute), at least one third of all claims on a homeowners insurance policy involve dog bites. 

Managing  Typical Homeowners Insurance Claims

At some point in time you may encounter a homeowners loss and when you do, it is valuable to know how to proceed.  Below are some basic guidelines to follow should you experience a homeowners loss.

  • Immediately contact your Florida independent insurance agent to discuss/report the loss
  • Document all damages by taking photos
  • Mitigate your damages
  • Never begin repairs until the claim is reported and damages are documented

Ideal Insurance Agency is here to assist you with any questions you may have related to your Florida homeowners insurance policy or any type of loss you may have.  We are happy to review all of your current coverages to determine if you are adequately and properly insured.  Call us TODAY at 941-921-2102!