Manufactured Homes and insuranceManufactured homes are increasingly popular, especially in Florida.  Warmer weather, affordability, and practicality are some of the main reasons many people prefer them; in fact, 1 out of 3 homes in Florida are manufactured homes according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  While some insurance carriers may impose a higher insurance premium, you can still find insurance rates that provide the right insurance protection for your manufactured home, while still being affordable.  Before it’s too late, find out about manufactured home insurance and why you need it.

Florida has its share of weather conditions, most of which homes can tolerate, but what if a hurricane strikes and your mobile home does not endure the weather?  Will you have an insurance policy in place to safeguard your home and personal property or will you be faced with a huge financial strain after you are left with destroyed property and belongings with no insurance?  Manufactured homes have many perks, but keep in mind there are also risks that must be acknowledged in an effort to secure the right type of Florida insurance protection.

Typical Risk Factors of Manufactured Homes That Require Necessary Protection

  • There is no foundation which makes the home more vulnerable to certain weather conditions
  • Fire spreads faster in a mobile home versus a traditional home
  • Mobile homes have greater risks of theft and broken pipes than do traditional homes
  • Mobile homes weigh less than traditional homes which increases the likelihood of damages from wind

It is recommended you discuss these risk factors with your local Florida independent insurance agent so that he/she can custom build a mobile home insurance policy just right for your needs, so you only pay for coverage that you need.

Key Coverage Options Afforded Under a Florida Manufactured Home Insurance Policy, but Not Limited to:

The Structure- This is protection for your home along with any other structure, such as a carport or shed, on your property that sustains damage(s) from a covered peril.

Liability– Liability insurance is essential for your protection against claims of injury or property damage to others, happening on your property. If someone gets injured at your home, you need to have the necessary liability insurance, or you could be faced with some serious financial consequences.  Contact your local Florida independent insurance agent to discuss your current limits of liability to ensure you are adequately insured.

Personal Property- Personal property insurance protects your personal belongings inside your mobile home or other structure on your property against covered losses, such as theft, vandalism, or fire.  *Certain restrictions or limitations may apply.

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