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If you don’t yet know why you need an umbrella policy, or what one is, imagine causing an accident that results in severe injury to another person. Umbrella insurance can’t protect you from the potential guilt associated with hurting another, but it can shield you and your family from financial ruin. You need to make sure you have the right Florida Umbrella Insurance Policy; it is surprisingly inexpensive for what it provides.

We live in a world where bad things happen all the time regardless of our intent. Umbrella insurance is designed to protect you from catastrophic situations you may negligently cause which have the potential to financially ruin you. Ideal Insurance is here to get the right Florida umbrella insurance protection for you at the lowest rate.

How Umbrella Insurance Protection Works

Umbrella insurance provides protection in excess of your primary liability insurance limits. It only pays when the limits of liability on your primary insurance policy (auto, boat or home, for example) have been exhausted, yet you are held legally liable for the expenses beyond your policy liability limits.

While accidents can happen in your home or on your boat that would mean you need an umbrella policy, perhaps the most common and easily imaginable is an auto accident. When buying auto insurance, many people don’t realize that once their liability limits are exceeded they personally can be held responsible for legal and medical expenses. Any assets you own can be sold to satisfy these debts. Future wages can be garnished if your assets are not adequate.

Teen Drivers and Senior Drivers

Especially if you have teenage drivers in your household, and their friends ride with them, you should be considering an umbrella policy. Teens lack of driving experience lead to more frequent and costly claims than any other age group. But following close behind are senior drivers. Your golden years can be compromised in a second.

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