Florida Restaurant Insurance NeedsYour Florida restaurant may be your biggest investment yet, so it makes sense that you want to focus on upholding your reputation, serving excellent food, and providing the customer service that keeps patrons returning.  But what about the insurance that protects your restaurant business should the unexpected arise?  Regardless of how careful your business operations, catastrophic situations do happen which is why having the right insurance protection in place is essential to the success of your business.  Assess your Florida restaurant insurance needs TODAY for the protection you need today and tomorrow.

Typical Scenarios That Could Jeopardize Your Florida Restaurant Business 

There are many risks that restaurant owners face in the day-to-day operations, that you hope don’t happen, but must be prepared for when they do.  Could your business financially withstand the following situations with your current insurance protection, or will you discover gaps in your coverage IF…

  • A customer has been over-served at the bar, leaves your restaurant, and on the way home causes a severe auto accident
  • One of your workers fails to clean up a spill and a customer slips and falls, breaking his/her hip. Medical bills are soaring, and a lawsuit is pending
  • A fire starts in the kitchen totally destroying the kitchen and part of the dining area. It will take months to finalize all the repairs and re-open the doors for business
  • One of your drivers, while delivering food, fails to see a stop sign and hits another car, totaling that car and injuring the driver and passengers. You are now faced with exorbitant medical bills that could exhaust your limits of liability

Any of these situations could result in financial ruin for you and your restaurant business if you don’t have the right type of business insurance in place.  If you aren’t sure whether your restaurant insurance is sufficient to handle any of the above scenarios, it is recommended you contact your local Florida independent insurance agent to inquire.

Below Are Some of the Afforded Coverage Options for Your Florida Restaurant Insurance Needs, but Not Limited to: 

  • Liquor Liability
  • General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Business Property
  • Defense/Legal Costs
  • Workers Compensation
  • Cyber Liability
  • Food Spoilage/Refrigerated Property
  • EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)
  • Business Income Coverage

Ideal Insurance Agency understands your Florida restaurant needs and can custom build a comprehensive business insurance policy that recognizes your needs and puts a protection plan in place, so you won’t encounter holes in your coverage.  While we take into consideration your unique risks and needs, we optimize your continuous business success for TODAY and TOMORROW.  Don’t wait!  Call us today at 941-921-2102.