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Given the numerous types of Recreational Vehicles available today, it should come as no surprise that RV owners need specialized insurance. Whether you chose a Motorhome, a 5 th Wheel, a Travel Trailer, an Airstream, a Camper or Other RV (which can include bus conversions and toy haulers) Ideal Insurance can help you select the Right Florida Recreational Vehicle Insurance for your RV at the lowest cost.

Most RV’s represent a significant investment for their owners; all represent a chance for freedom and fun, so before you take the first trip, choose the right Florida recreational vehicle insurance protection.

Owning and driving an RV safely means you have to be knowledgeable about your vehicle, and take special care to avoid accidents. One of the most common accidents with RV’s is hitting bridges and overhangs. So you can help keep your premiums low by being aware of your height and your surroundings. When you’re this big you can cause a lot of damage quickly to your vehicle and those nearby.

Here is a checklist that we will use to determine whether you have the proper coverage for your unique situation.

  • Full replacement cost coverage. RV’s depreciate fast; without full replacement cost coverage, if yours is stolen or totaled you may be forced to settle for an inferior model.
  • Personal effects coverage. You need to make sure your personal items are covered; don’t assume your Homeowner’s insurance does.
  • Diminishing deductible get rewarded for safe driving; watch your deductible go down for each claimless year.
  • Single deductible. Especially for you 5 wheelers, travel trailers, and campers this can make a big difference. How often will you just damage the RV or the towing vehicle and not both?
  • Member discounts Do you belong to any RV clubs that are recognized?
  • Full-timer coverage. For those of you whose RV is your home, you need primary-residence protection. If there’s a separate tow vehicle make sure its coverage is appropriate as well.
  • Storage option – if your RV isn’t your primary residence, lower your premium while your RV is in storage.
  • Emergency expense coverage this can pay your hotel bills while your RV is being repaired
  • Vacation liability – just like at home you have to worry about visitor trips and falls or other accidents
  • Awnings and permanent attachments coverage. There are so many ways these can be damaged.
  • Multi-vehicle discounts. Even those of you without toy haulers probably have multiple vehicles.

So just reading through the checklist helps you understand that one RV policy certainly will not fit all. We can provide customized recreational vehicle (RV) insurance protection through the top-rated Florida insurers so that you can rest assured that the protection you get is the protection you specifically need, all within a budget you can afford.

Your traveling needs are important to us and by selecting the right coverage options you can confidently travel knowing you will have the protection you need should something go wrong.

Located in Sarasota, Florida, we also serve Bradenton, Longboat Key, Siesta Key and communities throughout Charlotte and Manatee counties.

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