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No matter how long you have been driving or how blemish free your driving record, each time you get behind the wheel you know there is a chance you will be involved in an auto accident. While no one is totally comfortable with this thought, you may at least feel confident that your Florida auto insurance protection is sufficient to cover whatever damages may occur. But is your confidence based on assumptions or knowledge about your auto insurance

If you are only buying the Florida auto insurance minimum legal requirements, and you cause a significant accident, you may find yourself personally responsible for the difference between your insurance coverage and the costs of
damages over and above your current limits of liability. Most people either don’t have or don’t want to use savings, investments or future earnings to pay for damages resulting from an auto accident. Call us today so we can help you buy the right Florida auto insurance protection at the lowest cost.

This Could Happen to You…

You have agreed to pick up from the airport friends flying in from out of state, along with their children. Traffic is bumper to bumper leaving the airport, the children are loud and arguing about whether to eat before going to the hotel. They see the restaurant and you’re two lanes over. Yes, you can make it over before that other car gets closer, so you gun it and merge right, before realizing traffic in front of you in this new lane has almost stopped.

You instantly crash into the rear end of the car in front of you without even having time to brake. Not only is the car you hit a total loss, and the driver is sent to the hospital, but one of your friends had not buckled up in the back of your van, and sustains serious injuries from the impact.

Several weeks later, both of these injured people have had numerous surgeries and are expected to need continued treatment for months. When it seems like it couldn’t get worse, you learn that your auto insurance limits of liability are exhausted and now you are responsible for any damages above and beyond those limits.

You underestimated how much auto insurance you needed to protect you if something like this ever happened. Not being aware of the policy conditions, provisions, and limits of liability have created a financial crisis for your family. If This Happens to You, Will Your Florida Auto Insurance Policy

Provide the Right Protection?

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