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Owning an ATV usually means enjoying a lot of thrilling off-road activities, but even the best designed ATV can flip in the right (or should we say wrong) conditions. An ATV’s sturdy design can give you a false sense of security that encourages risk taking to the point that conditions surpass the ATV’s ability to overcome, resulting in significant injuries or damages. The good news is that our specialized staff at Ideal Insurance can get the right Florida ATV insurance for your needs at the lowest cost.

Since most auto and homeowners insurance policies exclude coverage for ATVs we recommend you invest in the specific protection of an ATV insurance policy so if an accident occurs, you will be adequately protected.

Don’t risk this happening to you…

You and a young friend are speeding down the trails one sunny afternoon when you hit a bump that throws your friend off the ATV resulting in severe injuries to his back and legs. Your friend requires hospitalization, extended treatment, and medical bills exceeding $75,000. Without ATV insurance, YOU are responsible for paying these bills.

Below Are Some of the Features of a Florida ATV Insurance Policy, but Not Limited to:

Liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)– This type of coverage protects you against claims for injuries to others and damages to property caused by your ATV.

Comprehensive– This coverage is for any damages your ATV sustains other than a collision, which may include theft, animal damages, vandalism, or fire.

Collision– Collision coverage is for physical damages to your ATV from situations such as hitting a tree, fence, car or some other object. The settlement reflects any deductible you may have.

Medical Payments– This coverage pays for incurred medical expenses by anyone injured as a result of your ATV, regardless of fault, up to the specified limits.

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Located in Sarasota, Florida, we also serve Bradenton, Longboat Key, Siesta Key and communities throughout Charlotte and Manatee counties.

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