Florida Restaurant Insurance Needs

Your Florida restaurant may be your biggest investment yet, so it makes sense that you want to focus on upholding your reputation, serving excellent food, and providing the customer service that keeps patrons returning.  But what about the insurance that protects your restaurant business should the unexpected arise?  Regardless of how careful your business operations, [...]

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Type of Insurance Needed for a VRBO or Airbnb

Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for no reason.  With its year-round warm temperatures and numerous attractions, it draws many vacationers.  In fact, if you live in Florida, you may have either rented your home to vacationers at some point in time or at least considered it.  Before renting out your home or a room [...]

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Typical Homeowners Insurance Claims in Florida

Living in the sunshine state has many perks such as year-round warmer weather temperatures and numerous attractions; however, it is also considered one of the top disaster-prone states in the United States.  Owning a home in Florida means you must have the right type of insurance protection in place should you experience some of the [...]

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Reduce Premiums by Controlling Losses

You have worked hard to establish and build your business so you know the protection of your livelihood is essential. Your business insurance protection is custom designed to cover the most typical risk exposures prevalent in your type of business, but lately you notice that your insurance premium has increased. You may want to take [...]

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Find Out Whether Your Insurance Score Affects Your Auto Insurance Premium

Florida mandates that if you own and operate an automobile, you must carry Florida auto liability insurance, at least the minimum required. Sounds simple enough until you get your insurance quote and find the premium for the required auto insurance is significantly higher than you imagined. Not until you call your Florida independent insurance agent [...]

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Have You Considered Choosing Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist Coverage to Protect You?

Each time you get into your vehicle, you run the risk of being involved in an automobile accident. While you may do your best to practice safe driving, you can’t always count on others to do the same and while Florida mandates that each owner and operator of a vehicle carry auto insurance, many drivers [...]

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